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Exhibition Panels
Engage with Architecture Programme
County Offaly, Ireland

Photographs by James Fraher
Exhibit curated by Rachel McKenna


Mrs Quigley

3 - 28TH MAY 2011

“The Process of Protecting exhibition was designed to create an awareness of the rich and diverse architectural heritage within County Offaly.The goal was to provide a glimpse of these wonderful properties, from our turbulent past overlooked for centuries by Leap Castle, to a more secure era of habitation ranging from the picturesque yet functional thatch cottage in Killurin to the larger country homes such as Bloomville or Gloster House; from the workings of our great industrial past in Fancroft Mill, to a self sufficient drapers in Banagher to St Manchan in Boher to family life in a Georgian terrace. How many memories have been passed down through the generations within these walls and what draws new owners to such locations?

ENGAGE with Architecture was a series of innovative countywide initiatives to encourage the public to actively engage with architecture. ENGAGE was about creating an awareness of our built environment, about taking the time to observe, reflect and appreciate what is around us”.

—excerpt from Engage With Architecture brochure



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