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Design is both a noun and a verb — a result and a process. Graphic design is successful when it conveys your message or goals in a clear, memorable way. By looking at your project through the eyes of the recipients, we create effective materials geared for your unique needs. The process of making that happen is a collaborative one. My job is to listen to the objectives of the project as you understand them, then add my skills in design and production to make your message shine.

Over twenty years of graphic design experience have brought me to many different places and exposed me to a wide variety of projects and people. I’ve created communication materials for government agencies, corporate marketing departments, small businesses and arts organizations both here and abroad. My goal is to place this experience, along with my openness to working in creative partnerships, in the service of your communication needs.

— Connie Scanlon

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spread from the book Lumen Christi


spread from the book Stories from a Sacred Landscape


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