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Texas Zydeco!
by Roger Wood with photography by James Fraher

Texas Zydeco book cover


Author Roger Wood and photographer James Fraher spent years traveling the east Texas Zydeco corridor, interviewing and photographing hundreds of authentic musicians, dancers, club owners, and fans. Texas Zydeco is Wood's second collaboration with Fraher and their second book published by the University of Texas Press.


The Blues is a Feeling by James Fraher

The Blues is a Feeling book by James Fraher


A book for followers of blues music, photographic book collectors and readers interested in African-American studies in music and culture. 100 black and white duotone photographs are accompanied by quotations selected from interviews conducted with each musician photographed.


Stories From a Sacred Landscape
by Caimin O'Brien

Featuring photographs by James Fraher
Designed by Connie Scanlon

Stories from a Sacred Landscape cover

With the flair of a storyteller and the keen eye of a practicing archaeologist, Caimin O’Brien looks beneath the monastic ruins of County Offaly to uncover Stories from a Sacred Landscape: Croghan Hill to Clonmacnoise.

O’Brien draws on archaeology, history, poetry, folklore and legend to create vivid portraits of twenty-five sacred places within Offaly.He recounts the tales that surround the county’s first saints and the monasteries they founded.

“ Caimin O'Brien presents a vivid picture of the life and times in the early monastic settlements, highlighting their role in society and their changes in fortune though political upheavals. This attractive book breaks new ground in presenting a visual feast with excellent photography and design work by James Fraher and Connie Scanlon. The engaging combination of storytelling, folklore, historical and archaeological facts will appeal to a wide audience whilst providing a valuable contribution to our understanding of how these early monastic sites functioned within society.”

—Pat Wallace, Director, National Museum of Ireland


Stories from a Sacred Landscape inside spread

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Down in Houston: Bayou City Blues

Down in Houston book

Since 1995, Roger Wood and James Fraher have been gathering the story of the blues in Houston. In this book, they draw on dozens of interviews with blues musicians, club owners, audience members, and music producers, as well as dramatic black-and-white photographs of performers and venues, to present a lovingly detailed portrait of the Houston blues scene, past and present.




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