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Music and Video Production


As a producer and videographer, Bogfire’s James Fraher has worked with musicians and clients to produce a number of cd and video projects. The two main subjects to date have been blues and traditional Irish music. [email protected]


Kevin Henry

Oneās Own Place

Colm O’Donnell

Farewell to Evening Dances

Johnnie Mae Dunson

Big Boss Lady

Jimmie Lee Robinson ÷ for APO Productions. Jimmie Lee talks about his life and takes us on a tour of his Maxwell Street neighborhood.

Johnnie Mae Dunson. A portrait of a blues lady and her struggle for creative independence.

Maxwell Street Blues: Saving Chicagoās Musical Heritage ÷ for Chicago Creative Access TV. A portrait of Maxwell Street as it stands today.

Hubert Sumlin ÷ for APO Productions. Hubert takes us on a tour of his home, talks music and plays some guitar at home and in the recording studio.

All photos © 2000 James Fraher. All rights reserved.
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