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The Book of Beltra Show
100 Years of Memories

Interviews collected and compiled by Michael Roberts
Published by the Beltra Show Committee
Featuring photographic portraits by James Fraher


"The Show Committee has been planning the Centenary Show for the past two years. We all agreed that we should celebrate this milestone in style and that we would publish a book to commemorate the occasion.

This was essential to allow the local community to look back and recall all of those who have gone before us who contributed in some way or another to the hosting of an annual Show here in Beltra.

We could have done this in many different ways. The way we decided on was to ask different Committee members, past and present, along with some regular Show goers to give us their story. The aim was to allow them to write the story of the Show".

—Martin Wilson, Show Chairman, from the foreword of The Book Of Beltra Show: 100 Years of Memories










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