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Roma: One People — Many Lives
Exhibition Panels

Photography by James Fraher
Written and edited by Karen O'Shea
Graphic design by Connie Scanlon



The exhibition Roma: One People — Many Lives was commissioned by the Equality Authority and coordinated jointly by the Equality Authority, Pavee Point and Nasc, the Irish Immigrant Support Centre. The exhibition provides a unique opportunity to meet a number of Roma people who live, study and work in Ireland. It also shows that people from the Roma community face many challenges in Ireland. The exhibition is currently touring at various venues around the country.

Roma exhibit in Dublin

Click here to download a PDF of the entire exhibit.


"If it isn’t raining I am outside playing soccer with my friends – most of whom are Irish. If it’s raining, sometimes I play the piano . . . If I was to buy a new CD I would buy the Für Elise by Beethoven."


" I am an Irish citizen and I work as a community development worker. I am very proud of the work I do."


"I hope in the future to have a better life. I hope that people will see us as human, that the discrimination will stop and that people will think how it makes us feel. This is the only way we can have a chance to realise our dreams."





"Romania is a big country and like Ireland has many different areas. In each area there are different traditions – so there are many differences between us depending on what part of Romania you come from."


"I came in Ireland to ensure that my children would have a better future and to give them what they didn’t have in Romania, like school and the chance to study. Especially study . . . so they can have a job in the future and they won’t be despised and stereotyped to infinity."




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