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Wild Things at School
A book for Primary School Teachers
by Éanna Ní Lamhna
with illustrations by Christine Warner


Wild Things at School

Wild Things at School by Éanna Ní Lamhna with illustrations by Christine Warner is a beautiful new resource for Primary School teachers.

Written to assist teachers in teaching pupils about the native species in Ireland, the premise is simple – if each pupil learns two wild flowers, a tree, a mammal, a bird and a creepy crawly during each year of primary school, then by the time they move on to second level education they will know, recognise and understand the importance of 48 native Irish species.

The book is divided into eight sections — one for each year of primary school from Junior Infants to Sixth class. So, for example, Junior Infants learn about the daisy, the dandelion, the horse chestnut tree, the hedgehog, the robin and the ladybird. While Sixth class pupils can look forward to finding out about herb robert, cow parsley, the birch, deer, and crows & wasps.

Wild Things at School provides an opportunity for every child in Primary School to participate in a nature studies programme which will help them identify common plants, trees, animals, birds and creepycrawlies and encourages children to develop a respect and love of nature that will stay with them all their lives.

Published by Laois, Meath and Monaghan County Councils with support from the Heritage Council.





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