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American Bluesman, Frank Scott
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I Was Wrong, Jimmie Lee Robinson

Lost American Bluesmen Cover -

"This record gives blues fans... a chance to hear that real blues is still alive and well in Chicago." — Ice Magazine -
The Lost American Bluesmen

New! What was lost has been found!!!
Sleepy Otis Hunt - Frank "Little Sonny" Scott Jr.- Jimmie Lee Robinson - Willie Hudson - Bill Warren

"These guys have recorded with everyone from Howlin' Wolf to Buddy Guy, but this album manages to sound steadfastly unique. The Bluesmen favor acoustic instruments in a band setting: Their intricate guitars plink and plunk around every beat, creating a swirling effect somewhere between hens at a cockfight and a mellow Frank Zappa jam. This is not a Mississippi rusty-tractor record — it's Chicago, and the blues' sibling, jazz, lurks in the background. Some of these blues have a jump beat, like Hunt's "Pick No Cotton"; harmonicist Frank Scott's "American Bluesmen" is a lighthearted theme song. Robinson is the deep-voiced one in the crowd, and his "I Was Wrong" is so disturbing that you're relieved not knowing what has made him moan like this and ask forgiveness. Young bucks beware: experienced head-cutters have entered the joint." —Robert Gordon, Rolling Stone Magazine

This cd is out of print. For more information click here to email James Fraher

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