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Tales of the Sacred Heart
by Melanie Villines


Tales of the Sacred Heart

Isabel Park is just one little corner of the world. But the inner-city Chicago neighborhood is the scene of some big-time action in Tales of the Sacred Heart, a comic novel where magical events become everyday occurrences. A mini-mart clerk turns into an angel. The secret of life appears on public transportation ads. A gang leader has a visitation from the Virgin of Guadeloupe. A janitor encounters his exact double. A ghost joins the fire department. A radio talk show host is kidnapped by the Messiah. Saints rescue a woman from the middle of Lake Michigan. And everybody is faced with the ultimate challenge: How do you postpone the Second Coming?

Melanie Villines is a produced playwright and television writer, as well as an award-winning screenwriter. Tales of the Sacred Heart is her first novel.

Here's what people are saying about Tales of the Sacred Heart:

"Original . . . lyrical . . . poetic . . . thought-provoking . . . finely-crafted."
÷Valerie Milligan, Iowa Times-Republican

÷Tom Robbins, best-selling author of Half Asleep in Frog Pajamas

"The characters and their loopy humanity took me back to Confederacy of Dunces. A joy to read."
Jon Anderson, Chicago Tribune.

"Wonderful . . . A wild ride from start to finish." ÷Lee Anne Phillips, Womenâs Books Online

÷Sara Burrows, Lerner Times

÷Chicago Inside Publications

"Rollicking . . . high humor."
÷Patrick Reardon, Chicago Tribune

"A magical charm that works a powerful spell."
÷Fred Chappell, poet laureate of North Carolina

"Juxtaposes the real and mystical brilliantly . . . bitingly funny . . . enchanting and life-affirming."
÷Lori Wilkerson, Washington (PA) Observer-Reporter

"Timely reading with its comic examination of Judgement Day. Highly entertaining."
÷Midwest Book Review



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