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"Fraher's photographs eloquently reinforce the sense of heritage and legend
that surrounds the musicians and the blues itself."
— Chicago Tribune

The Blues is a Feeling book
Photography by James Fraher
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So Many Years with the Blues
50 black and white photographs by James Fraher


James Fraher’s photographs cut right to the very heart and soul of his subject . . . the Blues. His close-up portraits bring the viewer face to face with African American musicians who have a story to tell, expressed in the music that is obviously so crucial to their lives. From the hard earned wrinkles of their faces and graceful hands to their broad easy smiles, the exhibit So Many Years with the Blues subtly captures the richness of these artist’s full lives.

This exhibit of black and white photographs by photographer James Fraher features portraits and selected performance photographs spanning more than twenty years. Included in this exhibit are photographs from his book, The Blues is a Feeling, from the book Down in Houston: Bayou City Blues and recent work from the blues scenes in Chicago and Kansas City.

Fraher’s photographs have appeared on over 150 music recording covers and publications including Living Blues, Guitar Player, Downbeat, Texas Highways, Juke Blues, and the documentary series The Blues.

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Blues exhibit photograph of A.C. Reed by James Fraher

A.C. Reed, Chicago, 1990

"They said black people don't want to hear no blues because it reminds them of slavery, they don't want no part of it, but it's history."


Blues exhibit photograph of R.L. Burnside by James Fraher

R.L. Burnside, Holly Springs, Mississippi,1990

"Diddley board what I used to call it. Get you a piece of wire off an old broom or some thing and put it upside the wall and a couple of them snuff bottles under it and you's gone!"

Blues exhibit photo of R.B. Barnes by James Fraher

Roosevelt "Booba" Barnes, Chicago, 1991

"A lot of times, I look over the crowd and if it look like I just touch somebody...I stay on it awhile. Sometimes I get touched by it myself."

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