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Experience the vitality and richness of one of America's greatest musical art forms—the blues. Through an inspired mixture of song, story, image and oral history, this performance brings insight about blues music to the delight of audiences everywhere. Hear the story and share the feeling for blues music and the people who carry this tradition from generation to generation. Woven together with style and rhythm, this performance is an artistic collaboration between photographer James Fraher and a special guest blues musician—part slide-lecture, part performance, part reading the poetry of wisdom from many blues artists. The Blues Alive! appeals to those interested in music, African-American culture, photography, oral history, folklore, and the preservation of tradition in American life. An inspired blend of complimentary forms of expression, the performance weaves a rich tapestry of sound and image.

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“A lot of times, I look over the crowd and if it look like I just touch somebody . . . I stay on it awhile. Sometimes I get touched by it myself.” — Roosevelt “Booba” Barnes

“This is the type of program that more organizations should sponsor. Fabulous!”

—Pamela Hoge, Grayslake Public Library

“Very unique evening. Outstanding blend of the visual & performing arts, which truly made the Blues come alive for the audience.”

—Sarah Bowers, Executive Director Barrington Area Arts Council


“You can take a blues song and turn it into a church song. It ain't nothin' but a word. You got a true word in a blues song, you got a true word in a gospel song.”— Mose Vinson

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